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Our muscles are joined to our bones by a cord whose thick and fibrous nature makes it durable and strong. When this cord, known as a tendon, becomes irritated or inflamed, it causes a condition known as tendonitis. Tendonitis is known by different names depending on where in the body the condition occurs. In the elbow, it is known as Tennis or Golfer’s elbow; in the shoulder, it can be known as Pitcher’s or Swimmer’s shoulder, while occurrences in the knee are commonly known as Jumper’s knee. The most common form of tendonitis that forms in the foot is known as Achilles tendonitis, named for the affected tendon.

What Causes Tendonitis? What Increases My Risk of Contracting It?

The most frequently determined cause of this condition is repetitive motion injury caused by repeating the same series of motions over time. Jobs and hobbies and the stress they put on the tendon are the most common source of this kind of motion. A prevalence of bad body mechanic habits and improper techniques in our activities cause an undue burden on our tendons, ultimately leading to tendonitis. Sudden injuries are another way that we can develop tendonitis, but the number of cases from this compared to repetitive injury is low.

Am I At Risk Of Developing Tendonitis?

If you have a favorite hobby or a job that causes you to repeat the same motions over and over again as part of it, you may be at risk. You can reduce your risk by employing proper body mechanics and techniques while participating in these activities. Even with these precautions, our tendons will become less flexible as we age, making us more likely to be affected by this condition as they are more likely to become injured. Jobs or activities that contain the following factors are more likely to result in tendonitis:

  • Reaching Overhead Frequently 
  • Forceful Exertion 
  • Being In Awkward Positions 
  • Motions That Are Repetitive 
  • Sustained Vibration

Tennis, bowling, baseball, golf, swimming, basketball, and running are all sports that have been shown to result in higher cases of tendonitis among their participants.

What Can I Do To Prevent Tendonitis?

There are a few small things you can use to reduce your chances of getting tendonitis. The first is to ensure you’re always using good body mechanics as part of your job or favorite activities. You should also add stretching to your warm-up routine, even for your job. If you use particular muscles as part of your hobby or job, take the time to strengthen them appropriately, and keep them primed. Most significantly, if you begin to notice any straining in your tendons, give them a rest. This can mean easing up for several days, but failing to do so can cause lasting damage.

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