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Foot Injuries

Any common foot injury, such as a sprain or bruise, can commonly be treated at home with little to no issue. The RICE method can help speed up the healing process and prevent many injuries from becoming serious. Yet when pain, swelling, and redness occur and don’t go away even with the RICE treatment, a podiatrist can tend to the issue and help you get back to full health. By seeking our local podiatrists’ help, we can see even the most acute injuries and provide the best treatment for your foot injury.

What Caused My Foot Injury?

Your foot injury depends highly on the type of pain you experience, the associated symptoms with that pain, the injury’s location, and how long the injury has lasted without relief. Ankle sprains, for instance, are a common type of foot injury, as it tears at one of the three ligaments that support the ankle bones and help the ankle move. Any sudden twisting motion from uneven surfaces can cause sprains, and fortunately, these sprains are often healed on their own. Other potential causes for your foot injury can range from:

  • Fractures – Trauma, overuse, and structural weakness can fracture bones, and fractures can occur in numerous variations. Displaced fractures, non-displaced fractures, hairline fractures, and open-compound fractures are just a few of the variations that can occur due to a foot injury. Fractures can damage the soft tissues and lead to infections if open wounds are present at the time of the injury. In these cases, many fractures can be treated with a cast, and many respond well to this form of treatment.
  • Ankle Sprains – As mentioned before, ankle sprains can involve possible joint damage and cause torn ligaments, bruised cartilage, and broken bones. Many untreated ankles sprain often cause over 80% of prolonged ankle problems later in life, such as arthritic changes and repetitive injuries. For ankle sprains, our podiatrist can provide immediate treatment for these conditions.
  • Plantar fasciitis – Also known as heel pain, occurs due to the overstretching of the broadband connecting tissues across the toes’ heel and base. Wearing uncomfortable shoes, overexertion in exercise, and accidents can cause this condition to occur.
  • Achilles tendinitis – When the tendon throughout the heel becomes inflamed, it’s referred to as Achilles tendinitis. Usually created due to intense physical activity, the tendon causes pain from the calf muscle to the foot’s heel.

How Can My Foot Injury Be Treated?

At Appalachian Foot & Ankle Associates, we provide individualized treatments for each of our patients. At your time at our office, our podiatrists can provide any one of these treatments to help heal your foot injury and restore your foot to health.

  • Medication
  • Padding and Wraps
  • Casts and Braces
  • Physical Therapy
  • Kinesiology
  • Surgery

For more information about our foot injury treatment options, we recommend scheduling an appointment with Appalachian Foot & Ankle Associates at either of our Marion or Asheville, NC locations, to help you find relief from your foot injury. Call us at 828-277-8402 today to see what treatment options are available to you today.

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