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Office and Outpatient-based Podiatric Surgery

Our podiatrists can perform our foot and ankle surgeries on an outpatient basis. If your surgery requires a hospital visit, our providers service the Asheville and Marion hospitals for treatment. Podiatric surgery at our office is performed by board-certified and board-qualified podiatric surgeons to provide you with the solution to your pain that will allow you to resume normal activities. Our consultations will help you explore all of your options to ensure you have the best treatment for your needs. Whether you’re suffering from a foot deformity or an inherent foot disease, we can perform various surgeries to alleviate the stress of a hospital visit and give you the assurance you need from quality care.

Surgeries Provided In-Office and Outpatient

For in-office and outpatient surgeries, Appalachian Foot & Ankle Associates provides surgery for patients with conditions that cannot be resolved through conservative treatment. Surgical intervention can help reduce your foot or ankle’s deformity, help alleviate pain, and restore function when treatments don’t provide enough relief. Our procedures vary by condition and severity, but conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and bunions can be performed through surgery to regain stability and function back. The types of surgeries we offer include:

  • Ankle Surgery – Podiatrists commonly treat foot and ankle fractures and can perform ankle surgery if necessary. Ankle surgery consists of realigning the structure around the ankle bones. It often relies on open reduction surgery for broken bones, using metal plates and screws to hold the bones in place and allow healing. Ankle fusion can also be performed using metal screws and plates to fuse the joint into one solid mass to stabilize the ankle. Other ankle conditions can be treated with arthroscopy, a minimally invasive procedure that repairs broken bones, tendons, and ligaments through a tiny incision.
  • Ingrown Toenail Surgery –When antibiotics and at-home treatments don’t remove the infection, surgery can remove the infected ingrown toenail. Matricectomy can be used to remove part of the toenail through either surgical or chemical methods. By removing the affected part of the toenail and then treating the nail base, our podiatrists can prevent the toenail from growing infected.
  • Achilles Tendon Surgery – When the Achilles tendon gets injured and torn, our podiatrists can sew the tendon back together and help alleviate the tendon pain. The Achilles tendon can be repaired through either open repair or minimally invasive surgery to locate the tendon, ties the ruptured tendons with sutures, and close the incision. After the surgery, patients will be placed in a splint or cast and require post-operative care to help decrease swelling and promote the healing process.
  • Arthritis Surgery –In severe cases where arthritis can’t be managed through conservative measures, metatarsal foot surgery can help alleviate the inflammation of the joints. This surgical procedure involves removing the metatarsophalangeal joint heads. Metatarsal foot surgery can also be used to treat hammertoe cases and capsulitis. Then joints would be resurfaced and then fused.
  • Bunion Removal Surgery –Bone deformities of the foot can cause chronic inflammation and irritation to the foot. They can be operated on in multiple ways to remove the bunion or corn from the affected area. For bunions, the surgery can be performed at the big toe or big toe joint, involve a series of cutting the bone, adjust the bone position, remove the bone, and fix it in place with screws and pins to the proper placement.

For more information about our in-office surgical procedures, please contact Appalachian Foot & Ankle Associates by calling 828-277-8042 today to schedule a consultation at our Asheville, NC, and Marion, NC locations.

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